Nowadays the media often cover news of crimes such as murder, rape and armed robbery in great details. While such information may warn the public of the potential danger and help reduce crimes, providing too much information about crimes might lead to certain negative side effects. In my opinion, the information about crimes should be made accessible to the public but the media should refrain from reporting crimes in an irresponsible manner.

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In conclusion, since crimes are relevant to each and every member of the society, the media should report the events as soon as possible to alert the public and to help prevent more crimes. Nevertheless, the reports of crimes should be relatively brief in order to avoid public panic and to save the precious TV time and newspaper space. Furthermore, anyone who wants to know more about certain events should be allowed to consult the government agencies for such


下面是一篇关于媒体中的暴力的雅思大作文写作范文,在这篇雅思大作文范文中主要讨论了应该如何控制电视和电影中的暴力镜头的数量以减少少年暴力犯罪在社会上的发生。大作文: Some people believe that in order to reduce crime, prisoners should be given longer prison sentence while some people think there are other alternative ways. Discuss the both viewpoints and give your opinion. (政府决策。你这篇作文的前三句话都是短句,这种情况应该避免,考官曾经。如果你这篇作文是在40分钟之内完成、没有看过任何Idea方面的提示、没有老师的指导,并且没查单词没修改的情况下完成的。雅思写作有很多的技巧的,一下是我抄的同学的笔记,她在烟台扬格学的雅思课程,希望能帮到你。雅思写作满分范文题目:Youshouldspendabout40minutesonthistask.WriteaboutthefollowingtopicSuccessfulsportsprofessionalscanearnagreatdealmoremoneythanpeopleinotherimportantprofessions.Somepeoplethinkthisisfullyjustifiedwhileothers。

International media such as TV network and magazine always gives people in an information age mixed feeling。


英语培训中心作文题目:当今媒体喜欢长篇详细报道犯罪,比如谋杀、***和武装抢劫等等,如此细致地报道可以让公众警惕潜在危险,降低犯罪率 …